You’ve Made a Great Choice

I’m so thrilled you’re ready to make the switch to Cream Makeup.

While I review your Color Match questionnaire and build your perfect palette of shades, please read on to learn more about this amazing makeup!

Why Creams?

Are you ready to toss out your jam-packed makeup bag, save time, and give your skin the lovin' it deserves? Stop using damaging ingredients that make your skin look like a dried out rag! Instead, let's focus on enhancing your natural beauty without breaking the bank on expensive products.

  • Our cream makeup has 11 ingredients,
  • Works for all skin types,
  • Doesn't call attention to imperfections, and
  • Gives you a radiant, natural glow.

Trust me, I'm your go-to gal for finding a personalized, simplified, and oh-so-natural new makeup routine!

Each palette is individually customized. It's 100% prepared for your skin tones, needs, and budget. Everything you need to do your whole face fits into this one palette. Well, except mascara.

It’s absolutely GENIUS!

It's Your One Palette

"Skin Care" Makeup

3D Makeup is the Future

Your face is not one-dimensional, it's not just one color.

Traditional foundations aren't made to enhance your beauty;

they are more for covering it up with layer upon layer of products. 

Seint IIID foundation is different. Better. Created by a woman, for women.

Cara Brooke, the founder of Seint Beauty, and a makeup artist, wanted to make it easier for the every day woman to highlight and contour, without it being complicated or costly. IIID Foundation was born and it does all that and more.

  • Everything has it's place on your face
  • No layering of products
  • Each tin is highly pigmented meaning very little product is needed

It’s like paint-by-number

Contour: Under cheekbones, around forehead, down sides of nose

Camo (or color correcting) Highlight: Apply first to dark circles, redness, acne, or melasma (This deeper color is also great for seasonal changes when your skin may be ready for a darker shade)

Pop (or Brightening) Highlight: Apply where you want to brighten (under eyes + center of face)

Main Highlight: Apply everywhere you don't apply contour or Brightening highlight

Lip + Cheek: On apples of cheek or higher on cheekbone for us mature gals, and blend upwards + on your lips

It’s Easy to Use

No makeup experience needed. Makeup shouldn’t be complicated; this makeup shows you how easy and quick makeup should be. Every woman can be done with her makeup and ready to go on with life in 10 minutes or less.

What to Expect from your Color Match

So you’ve gone to my color match questionnaire and uploaded a selfie. Now what? Here’s what to expect next. Once I receive your color match form, I personally review your photo, looking at everything from skin tone, eye color, hair color, redness, dark spots, etc. I will identify first your Main Highlight Shade (closest to your skin color), then Highlight Shade and then Contour Shade. I will also make recommendations for Lip & Cheek Colors using information you’ve provided and my personal experience. If you need any help with color correction, I’ll add that recommendation in as well.

I’ll make recommendations for Brushes, Bronzer, Illuminator and Eyeshadow colors too. I always recommend our Brush Cleanser and I tell every single lady I color match for to go with at LEAST a size 12 palette to start off with.

I’ll send you my recommendations at that point, along with a link listing everything I’ve recommended. You then decide what, if anything, you wish to purchase.

I’m always available if you have any questions about anything I’ve recommended or need help placing an order. All you have to do is shoot me a text at 256-472-5016.

Costs Less than Traditional Foundation

What to Expect from Me

Once you’ve placed your first order with me, I am there to assist you with anything you need.

You will have access to my personal cell, tutorials and guides to help with application, skincare assistance, personalized video calls, whatever you need.

You will never be thrown to the wolves to figure anything out on your own about this makeup.

So, be on the lookout for your custom color match and

a personal shopping link. The wait won’t be long but feel free to hop on to my website, go ahead and register your account (if you haven’t already) and pick out your palette from our great selection.

As always, if you have any questions, just text me at 256-472-5016

or shoot me a DM on Facebook!

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